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Listing of Freak websites. Freaky dumb 'brains bugs' sites.

Freak show online, crazy and unbelievable stuff, from freakness to freaky stunts.
From TV shows parody to amazing, craziest and dangerous rider's stunts.

(PARODY-Paul Kaye) Mike Strutter personality is a man who is always swearing, he loves: drinking alcohol, smoking, snorting cocaine, eating pills, he act as a cocaine addict violent person, he love prostitutes, and hate: skaters, hate boys band and indies music, c*ck suck*rs.
Check the struttergear mad stuff and the Zpittvar sex olympic games (parody).

Ghost Rider.
Ghost Rider vs Police. The biker rider wich use to terrorise police patrols with his stunts, wheeling, stoppies, and speed up to 300km/h on a highway traffic road. Everything catched on camera, onboard or outboard camera. When policemen make a pursuit game with the Gost Rider, he is waiting them for playing, and making his mad movies. Must see to believe! God bless...

All the amazing stunts vids from nitro circus. Crazy tricks on motocross bike, bicycle, cars and other mad stunts. Featuring: Travis Pastrana, Jake Brown, Chad Kagy, Steeve Mccann, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, Blake Bilko Williams... and all other mad guys, & nitro girls also. Most of them have won at Xgames in different categories. Hard sports! Congratulations!www.nitrocircuslive.com

Stile Project.
Just bypass the annoying porn ads and pop up, and you will realy see some freak pics and vids (click the 'category' link to bypass the porn stuff). Stile Project is the best site to see freaky things you won't believe. Freak, strange, bizare, abnormal movies & pics as unbelievable!!!

For all stuff related to the world of jackass: films, video, photos, stunts, funny video: follow JackAss on Facebook and Twitter.

The dudesons
The Dudesons official website. These 'Jackass' style guys: Jukka, Jarppi, Jarno and HP, and of course there male pet pig Britney, the 5th member of the Dudesons, will amuse you by their stupid and crazy stuff and stunts.

Michael Moore Website. If you don't know Michael Moore, you don't know the Georges Bush's gov nightmare.

Welcome to Phreeque Freakshow, a virtual collection of photos and bios of famous and not so famous human oddities. This site is always growing, new human freaks pics added regulary.

Top 10 Human Sideshow Freaks
These are people who made a living as side-show freaks. Most had physical disorders and had no alternative way of making a living.

CassicHorrorFreak. The freak exposed.

Sub Zero Max Funny Pics
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